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July 6, 2017 -- In its Midtown Manhattan office Momentum Advisors, a boutique international financial planning and wealth management firm, co-organized a public event with the national committee on US-China relations, who played a key role in the “Ping-Pong diplomacy” that brought the normalization of US-China relations more than four decades ago.

Momentum’s managing director Mr. Earl Carr, and senior consultant Ms. Yan Chen gave a presentation and engaged in lively discussions with a twenty-plus audience comprised of investment gurus, young business school students, and professionals interested in China-US businesses and investments.  The topics centered on cross border business and investment between China and the US.  The momentum team shared the latest data in stockpiles of and trends in investments at both directions between the world’s top two economies, the favorable economic and investment environment in the US, as well as lessons learned by Chinese entrepreneurs whether investing through mergers and acquisitions with existing US companies or pioneering greenfield projects.  

Earl and Yan shared the firm’s success formula of “focus and discipline over time, multiplied by the right team equals momentum”, and introduced to the audience the company’s history, the services provided to its unique clientele base  as well as its founder Mr. Allan Boomer and other experienced team members.

Most participants stayed back to mingle with one another, and enthusiastically shared their business and other experiences in China.  Earl and Yan expressed the team’s keen interest in working with any prospect clients to make investments catering to their financial needs by utilizing the team’s financial planning and investment expertise and their unique professional experience and understanding of both the US and Chinese markets and cultures.


Momentum Advisors is an independent Investment Advisory and Financial Planning firm with over $200 million in assets under advisement.   Momentum is a Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”).  The firm is geared toward individuals and organizations which have achieved extraordinary levels of success. Momentum clients are an elite group of board members, entrepreneurs, and executives who demand the same excellence in their advisors that they have demonstrated in their own lives. They require an intensely personal approach that relies upon years of experience, attention to detail, and above all else, objectivity.